Take-Out Boxes and Packaging for Summer Fast Food

Packaging the summer food is just like packing your bag for a day at the beach. Everything has to be well-thought out:

  • Is the box easy and fast to set up?
  • Does it use up storage space?
  • Can the box handle a variety of products?

Is the box easy and fast to set up?   Beach Resorts and Golf Courses have no time to set up elaborate packaging folding and creasing sequences.  The box, whether it is a catering box for boxed lunches, or a burger and fries box, must be either a convenient pop-up or nested pre-glued construction.

Does it take up storage space?   Kiosks, snack bars, burger and clam shacks all pack a lot into a very small space, sometimes less than 300 square feet.  The boxes either must be case packed knocked down flat or nested so they fit under the counter with enough quantity so one or two cases will be enough for a full day’s usage.

Can the box handle a variety of uses?   Our web corner, poly-lined box can safely contain juicy burger, French fries or onion rings, grilled sandwiches, twin dogs & fries, cheesy nachos, a tossed salad with dressing, vegetable sides, and even chili – all in one box!

Having the right package takes planning, right-sizing, and thoughtful and creative design to be more than a package for your product; executed correctly, it can be an ambassador for your brand and establishment.

Contact us at FC Meyer Packaging and we will work with you to create the perfect package!

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