FC Meyer Environmentally Sound Packaging

A closed loop for Sound Environmental Packaging

FC Meyer Packaging is proud to be FSC® (Forestry Stewardship Council®) Chain of Custody certified. FC Meyer Packaging Products represent not only the highest quality and value in sturdy, attractive packaging, it also represents the end result of a manufacturing process that has an environmental commitment that extends from utilization of 100% recycled paperboard, right down to the water-based adhesives used in the finishing (gluing) process.

Waste Stream

The waste stream that makes up the recycled fiber in 75% of our products includes old corrugated, old newspapers and mixed papers. We recycle all our cores, metal strapping, pallets, and even our inks.


FC Meyer Packaging utilizes both flexographic and offset printing processes. Our flexographic process uses 100% water-based inks and coatings and our offset printing process uses soy-based inks and water-based coatings.


Our adhesives are all water-based, drain-safe materials that are no more volatile than the pastes used by children in elementary school.

The FC Meyer Packaging Manufacturing Process supplies an excellent product to the end user with the bonus satisfaction of knowing that our process and product provides the necessary environmental pedigree to achieve the goals of our customers and the future health of our planet.

THE ULTIMATE ENVIRONMENTALLY CORRECT PACKAGE – FC MEYER PACKAGING is one of the only paperboard packaging manufacturers in the world that is capable of providing the highest post-consumer waste content, process chlorine free package through our unique patented coating process that allow the highest recycled PCW (post-consumer waste) content paperboard to be functional, attractive and have an appropriate barrier to grease and moisture.

At FC Meyer Packaging, we’re making a difference so you can too!

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