We use only soy and water based inks, water-based coatings, adhesives, and recycle 100% of our process waste, which includes:
• all our own paperboard
• roll wrap
• surplus steel die rule
• offset inks – swap inks only
• roll cores
• steel and plastic bands
• flexo inks – recycled to black
• pallets – customers participate in return programs

At FC Meyer Packaging we have had a long storied history of environmental stewardship from the numerous State of Massachusetts governors awards for recycled product content to Garwood, New Jersey water district superior achievement award for our water quality. FC Meyer Packaging’s environmental packaging solutions begin with our new Meyerkote™ line of recyclable barrier packaging.

In addition, we operate our own waste processing facility in Garwood, New Jersey, which transfers and processes the fibrous waste of our municipal neighbors, saving the waste from landfills and converting it into usable fiber.