Retail Gift Boxes

Our long standing reputation of high quality and reliable delivery earned FC Meyer Packaging a leadership position in the retail packaging market.Quality matters, whether your brand is positioned for the mass market or high end boutique. Our unique capabilities allows us, under one roof, to produce in large and small quantities, a complete spectrum of folding carton styles and finishes from the uncoated recycled chip to artisanal paper laminated to coated paper board.

Retail Packaging

We can texture, emboss, and provide custom accoutrements such as ribbons, bows, tissue and bands on the folding cartons.Retail packaging requires the artistry of highly specialized graphic services along with the manufacturing horsepower and redundancy of equipment to produce large seasonal volume. We are poised to handle your creative and surge requirements. Our logistics and customer service team is experienced and fanatical when it comes to on time delivery services from full trucks to store door distribution.