Exemplary Service

For 112 years, FC Meyer Packaging has grown and expanded our markets through our commitment to exemplary service.  Customer service in our company is not just a department, it is our entire organization’s focus in every aspect of our process.

  • Graphic and Creative Services – We provide agency quality, creative design and graphic format services second to none in the Industry.
  • Order Service – Your business is administered through your own personal sales representative and customer service sales correspondent.  Order entry, status, and tracking is provided directly from the factory to you without international time zone delays or language barriers.
  • Manufacturing Service – 100% All American Jeannette Pennsylvania Factory.  One of the largest most diversely capable facility in the world.  Never again will you hear those dreaded words, “its still on the water” or “hasn’t cleared customs”.

Artisan Quality Meets Sustainability

Beautiful Packaging and the Environment do not have to be at odds with one another.  Our water-based print process, ability to print, texture, stamp or laminate on the most highly recycled paperboard has resulted in rave reviews from both our retail and food service customers.

Our diverse process capabilities enable our customers to enhance their Brands while saving packaging costs over virgin-fiber materials.

Nuanced & Breakthrough
Product Development

FC Meyer Packaging has a practical, effective means of supporting our customers with nuanced and breakthrough product development; WE LISTEN to what our customers are looking for in a package.

Recent Developments Include:

  • Anti-Fingerprint Coating – Our exclusive, patent-pending Anti-Fingerprint Coating resists staining and moisture, allowing us to use highly recycled material for barrier food packaging.
  • Divider Inserts – Our Patented Divider Inserts allow product to be displayed for maximum customer convenience and appeal.
  • Packaging Audit – Analyzes the following: Board utilization, case packing, graphic conversion (from offset to flexographic) economical construction alternatives, all of which provides maximum packaging utilization versus money spent.
Carton with Divider

Global Competitiveness

Bringing back American Jobs?  Ours never left!  For over 110 years FC Meyer Packaging has been a player in the Global Folding Carton Market.  Our offshore competition cannot match our service, attention to detail, and fanatic adherence to a simple concept – which is to provide our customers with exactly what they want; on time, on spec, and on budget.

  • Centrally located facility in Jeannette, Pennsylvania with proximity to the Nation’s most important transportation routes
  • Local representation nationally
  • Prompt samples, pricing, and informative materials
  • Lead times half that of offshore suppliers
  • Capable of manufacturing any box style, board caliper, and window application
  • Most importantly, your business means Jobs……AMERICAN JOBS!

We are proud to be an all-American Manufacturer!